The Capitol Hill Internship Program provides distinguished internship and classroom experiences for students from all majors in the lively urban setting of Washington, D.C.

Only students from our member institutions are eligible to participate:
* Coe College
* Creighton University
* Lindsay Wilson College
* Nebraska Wesleyan University
* Pfeiffer University
* Simpson College
* Southwestern University
* Wofford College

Students participating in the Capitol Hill Internship Program:

* Live in an attractive townhouse on Capitol Hill -- a distinct advantage over other D.C. internship programs.

* Intern in government or non-government offices as part of select programs available only in Washington, D.C.

* Learn in challenging seminars and courses that are tailored to enrich their internship experience.

Program Dates:

Spring Term 2024:  Arrive Sunday, January 28; Depart May 11
Fall Term 2024: Arrive Thursday, Aug. 29; Depart Dec. 14
January Term 2025:  Arrive Friday, January 3; Depart January 30
Spring Term 2025:  Arrive Saturday, February 1; Depart May 17


Part I

Students must take both of these courses (credit hours determined by home school):

The Internship: Students enrolled in this program will complete a 15-week, 32-hour-per-week internship in an organization related to their interests/major in Washington, D.C. Along with establishing learning goals at the internship with their Supervisor, students will complete a paper that documents their learning at the internship and place it in the larger context of their goals and possible career path. The paper will include a detailed analysis of the organization in which the student was working, a section on the role of their organization in the landscape of DC, and projects/tasks completed by the student at their internship. The students will also complete a weekly internship journal so that they, and the program, can track their progress throughout their semester. A secondary goal of the course is to enrich participants’ understanding of self, sharpen their career goals, and increase their civic literacy. 

The Internship Seminar: Each week interns gather to discuss current issues in Washington, DC with experts in various fields. The goal of the course is to expose students to the range of issues and organizations in Washington, DC during their term here, explore alternative career paths, and to examine the role of each organization in shaping the Government and daily life of DC. 

Part II

Students may take one of the following courses:

People, Politics and Cultures of the Middle East (3 credits).

Washington and Lobbying (3 credits).

Independent Research in Washington (3-4 credits): 
Based on the work begun in the Internship Seminar, students complete a significant research project based on their internship. For three credits, the paper would be of 20-25 doubled-spaced, typewritten pages in length, and make use of 15-20 secondary sources. For four credits, the paper would be 30-40 double-spaced, typewritten pages in length, and make use of 25-30 secondary sources. 

*Not all courses are offered every semester, and can vary.


Fall & Spring Terms (2024-2025)

Tuition: Regular tuition to student’s college.
Transportation: To and from Washington, D.C. --- Varies.
Board: Students cook their own food and costs will vary.
             Students should budget $1,200 to $1,500 for food and miscellaneous expenses.
Room: Furnished apartment with utilities, per person, per semester - $3,500.
Non-refundable Deposit of $250 towards housing cost required upon application to the program. 

*IF the CHIP  House exceeds capacity and you will be staying in WISH housing, a nonrefundable security deposit of $500 is due by August 1 for the fall semester, and December 1 for the spring semester. The total of $750 is deducted from the $3,500 housing fee, if all deposits have been paid.
January Term (2025)
Tuition: Paid to home campus,  Includes all January Term courses credit/units approved by the college:  $1,348 (for Jan. 2025)
A Non-Refundable $250 deposit must accompany your application.
Transportation: To and from Washington, D.C.:  Varies.
Room: Furnished apartment with utilities & internet, per person: $950.00 (for Jan. 2025)



There is exciting opportunity in Washington, DC for almost any set of interests. Because this city houses our national legislative, executive, and judicial branches, one can also find an endless array of government agencies, non-profit organizations, associations, lobbying firms, and private corporations, in addition to the White House and the House of Representatives and Senate Offices. Students in the Capitol Hill Internship Program will receive assistance in finding the right internship matches for their own interests and skills.

CHIP Placement Philosophy

The key goal during the placement process is to help the student find an internship which is consistent with their interests and career aspirations. This is accomplished by beginning a dialogue between the student and the Director in Washington. This ongoing dialogue continues throughout the whole placement process whereby the director assists the student in finding suitable organizations to apply to, helping the student through the application process to those organizations, preparing for the interview, and finally helping the student decide which internship best meets their needs.