CHIP Placement Philosophy 

There is exciting opportunity in Washington, DC for almost every major or set of interests. Because this city houses our national legislative, executive, and judicial branches, one can also find an endless array of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, associations, lobbying firms, and private corporations, in addition to the Capitol and its House and Senate Offices. Students in the Capitol Hill Internship Program will receive assistance in finding the right internship matches for their own interests and skills.

"The key goal during the placement process is to place the student in an internship which is consistent with their interests and career aspirations. This is accomplished by beginning a dialogue between the student and the Director in Washington, usually via email. This ongoing dialogue continues throughout the whole placement process whereby the director guides the student in drawing up a short list of suitable organizations, applying to those organizations, preparing for the interview, and finally deciding which internship best meets the needs of the student."


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