The CHIP House

UMCWC interns live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in the heart of D.C., within walking distance from the Capitol, the House and Senate offices, the Smithsonian, the Union Station and Capitol South Metro stops, the Library of Congress, the Folger Shakespeare Library, and countless restaurants, shops, and markets. UMCWC interns will have easy access to museums and art galleries, business districts, and many other places where they will experience the exciting, cosmopolitan atmosphere of Washington, D.C. 

The UMCWC program offers students a unique opportunity to live in premier housing in the immediate vicinity of the Capitol - so close, in fact, that all intern housing is under the protection of the Capitol Hill police force.

Interns live in high-quality housing and enjoy a fully furnished living space with leisure seating, televisions, dressers, paid utilities, basic cable service and Wi-Fi.  Linens and household goods, including light bulbs, paper towels, dishes and cooking utilities are provided. The housing features on-site laundry facilities and the common areas are visited by a cleaning service at the start of the semester.